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Internal control systems

 A company’s internal control system (ICS) controls and monitors the accounting-relevant processes. The accuracy and correctness of the annual financial statement is guaranteed primarily by the reliability of the ICS installed in a company. The auditor examines the ICS implemented in the company for its suitability and effectiveness. Due to the intensive usage of IT to implement the ICS, the system check is configured in part as an IT system check. In the case of outsourcing of accounting-relevant processes, the ICS also extends to the ICS of the external service providers. System checks start before the reporting date.

Our services for you:

  • Carrying out a structural audit of your internal control system
  • Checking the operational effectiveness internal control system implemented
  • Identification of weaknesses

 Your benefit:

  • Simplification and ease of control processes
  • Protection against misappropriation of assets
  • Prevention through discovering weaknesses in the internal control system