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Special audits

There are many issues and reasons that necessitate a certificate or a statement from an external auditor, generally a chartered accountant. Our specialists from the WMS Treuhand Group carry out various special audits for you, examples of which are listed here.

  • Audits in the event of capital increases or reductions
  • Audits in the event of foundation
  • Post foundation audits
  • Audits of special company processes
  • Audits of management measures and capital changes
  • Audit and audit review of half-yearly and quarterly reports of stock-Exchange listed companies.
  • Fraud audits
  • Audits for restructuring, especially in the event of mergers, divisions and contributions.
  • Audit due to undervaluation and missing data
  • Checking affiliation agreements
  • “Squeeze out” audits in accordance with § 327a AktG (German Stock Corporation Act)
  • Audits in cases of liquidation, settlements and insolvency proceedings
  • Audits under MaBV (German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance

Our services for you

  • Insolvency audits
  • Audit of the correct reporting of sales packaging
  • Electronic signature of the audit certificates in accordance with  VerpackV (German packaging regulations)
  • Resource allocation audits

Your benefits

  • Efficient audit processes with experienced auditors
  • Deadline compliant processing of special audits