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Cost accounting and controlling

Would you say that there is too little transparency in your business? Then solve this problem quickly with our help!

A company is a complex economic unit. Managing it requires diverse abilities which cannot come from just one person. Cost controlling, as a comprehensive control and coordination tool, supports management and others in an executive position in the directing and control of the business process. The objective here is the safeguarding and increase of the company assets.

Together with you we set up a cost accounting system specifically tailored to your business with integrated controlling solutions and assist you with its implementation and updating.

Our services for you:

  • Rapid and clear implementation of cost accounting
  • Special implementional options, for example product, project or task-related
  • Implementation of a comprehensive reporting system
  • Setting up of calculation systems (preliminary, interim and post calculations)
  • Support with the practical implementation
  • Continuous updating and optimisation of cost accounting
  • We create for you the prerequisites for efficient cost controlling

Your benefits:

  • Optimal identification, distribution, planning and control of costs
  • Basis for sustainable cost reduction measures
  • Cost accounting as a projection image for the future
  • Optimisation of budgeting and calculation
  • Meaningful reporting format which is easy to interpret
  • Improving ratings made by banks or rating companies
  • Optimal use of business resources
  • Creation of cost transparency, cost-awareness and cost responsibility amongst staff