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Private asset planning

With private asset planning we put ourselves at the private level of financing.

Planning has for years been seen as indispensable in the business world. Planning means – put simply – achieving better results than can be done by just acting without any plan. What is amazing is that some 90% of households run their financial affairs without any plan.

As chartered accountants and tax consultants we are specialists in the field of determining asset and earning power. It is therefore an obvious choice to see your private household as a business. Just as we would if it was one, we record in details your entire asset and income situation and include them in long-term planning calculation.

Our services for you:

  • We analyse your private financial situation
  • We present the results in a clear way and one which meets your needs
  • We recommend courses of action – including by analysing alternative scenarios
  • We assist you with the implementation and prepare continual budget v. actual comparisons

Your benefits:

  • Our profession commits us to acting independently and objectively
  • No hard-sell on financial products, but merely the existing ones analysed and if necessary, gaps in provision identified
  • An objective view of the private asset and income situation
  • Financial security in the future – especially with the transition to retirement
  • Support with succession planning – is your family adequately secured?
  • Continuous checking and help during implementation