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Project organisation

Project organisation has existed since people started to carry out great plans together. Neither military campaigns nor the construction of great buildings would have been imaginable without those responsible having planned these projects in detail.

Project organisation (or project management) describes the combination of all the methods of implementing projects.

Our services for you:

  • We support you in carrying out your projects with:

    • Preparation
    • Dates/times and milestones
    • Responsibilities
    • Implementation
    • Checks
    • Review

  • We coordinate the project partners
  • We create acceptance of the project and transparency within it.
  • Project calculation/budget (costs, time)

Your benefits:

  • Optimally-planned projects exclude trouble spots
  • The necessary resources available at the right place and the right time
  • Transparency in costs and time
  • No “slippage” of projects ensured by continuous checks
  • Allotting areas of responsibility strengthens staff identification with the project
  • Time guidelines ensure the correct progress of the project