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Civil and contract law


In accordance with the motto “dispute prevention is better than disputing” we help you to avoid legal disputes by anticipatory consulting. But if the dispute cannot be prevented, we will stand up for your rights with a fighting spirit. Our main areas of expertise are sales law, rental law, leasing and work contract law as well as the law governing general terms and conditions.


  • Inform you about your everyday questions on civil law.
  • Develop contracts for you, tailor-made for your individual situation.
  • Safeguard your interest in contract negotiations.
  • We provide services such as contract management, contract control, receivables management (collections).
  • Enforce your claims and ward off unjustified claims from third parties.
  • Represent you in all German local, district and higher regional courts.


Your contact in civil and contract law is   Herr Dr. Breitkopf.