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Audit support

Even the most honest taxpayer shudders at the mention by the public finance office of the word “audit!”

We will accompany you in all forms of external taxation audits to the degree desired.

Our services for you:

  • Examination, reviewing and preparation of documents after submission up to before the start of the audit
  • Participation and support during the taxation audit in our offices or in the offices of our clients
  • Statements on and compilation of the documents and proof required for the auditor
  • Periodic situation reports to the client
  • Phone calls and written correspondence in connection with and during tax audits
  • Participation in the final discussion with the auditor and possibly their department managers (if requested also together with the client)
  • Examination of the report on the tax audit carried out
  • Examination of any altered tax assessments and notices of tax assessments that may result from them

Your benefits:

  • Professional care of the auditors creates a good working atmosphere
  • Access to innovative audit models, especially timely audits