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Tax declarations

The tax declaration is the annual visit of a frightening spectre for many taxpayers and companies. Obscure forms several pages long and year after year innumerable changes to the legislation – who is still going to make sense of all this?

We help you in fulfilling your legal obligations and produce tax declarations for private individuals and companies. Here we advise you in tax-related questions and give you concrete recommendations for action. In the case of incorrect decisions we help you with appeals, applications for amendment and where necessary, to file a suit for your rights.

Rely on our competence and experience when you have a tax declaration to submit. It is worth it for you.

Our services for you:

  • Income tax return, income tax advice
  • Corporation tax
  • Trade and VAT tax
  • Help with income tax, advising staff, income tax reductions, income related expenses
  • Inheritance tax return, accession tax/capital transfer tax return.
  • Requests for extensions of deadline.
  • Communication with the fiscal authorities
  • Checking tax assessments for deviations from the tax return
  • Appeal procedures against incorrect administrative acts connected with tax matters

Your benefits:

  • Tax savings through exploitation of tax-related options
  • Security through the observance of compliance with tax law obligations.
  • Recognition of and professional reaction to faulty tax assessments
  • Savings in time and conservation of operational resources