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The story of WMS Treuhand

There are few partnerships in the region with a tradition as long as that of WMS Treuhand. For over 80 years we have been successfully caring for family businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The foundation of our success story was laid by Hermann Wilker in 1931. At the request of a large internationally-known client he gave up his position in the public fiscal department and devoted himself to setting up Kanzlei Wilker in Möserstrasse in Osnabrück.

Subsequently the address was to change several times. During the Second World War it moved to Kollegienwall in Osnabrück, and after the war it moved to new premises close by, in Schlagvorderstrasse.

In 1970, after a full working life, Hermann Wilker handed on the chambers to his son, tax consultant Hartmut Wilker. Two years later the location was changed again, and they moved to Eisenbahnstrasse. When tax consultant Horst P. Müller joined in 1973, Sozietät Wilker und Müller came into being.

Twenty years later they were joined by a further partner in the shape of chartered accountant and tax consultant Clemens Schnüpke. Not only "WMS", originally a name tag for Wilker, Müller, Schnüpke order was complete. Rather, it was the introduction to a multifunctional firm.

The following years were marked by continuous growth. When Thomas Schinke joined the partnership the premises moved to Rheiner Landstrasse 195b. In 1997 a separate legal department was set up.

At the end of 2001 the two chartered accountants and tax consultants Lutz Strieder and Jürgen Bruns-Coppenrath joined as partners. In this way the company has prepared strategically for future goals – professionalisation and expansion of the audit sector.

With the arrival of Lutz Strieder and Jürgen Bruns-Coppenrath, in 2001 Müller, Schnüpke und Partner GbR transformed into WMS Treuhand Sozietät Wilker, Müller, Schnüpke and Partner GbR. At the same time the auditing firm of WMS Treuhand Wilker, Müller, Schnüpke und Partner GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft was founded, which today is PKF Osnabrück WMS Treuhand GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

In 2002 and 2005, respectively, tax consultant Markus Lüttmann and lawyer and tax consultant Antje Ahlert were accepted as partners.

In 2004 tax consultant Hartmut Wilker left the firm as part of the generational succession.

In 2006 lawyer and tax consultant Dr. Klaus Stein was accepted into WMS Treuhand GbR as a further partner,
in 2007 came the entry into the worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms, PKF.

2008 Tax consultant Horst P. Müller also departed for his well-earned retirement.

Demand for advisory services in the fields of company law, tax laws, inheritance and gift law along with questions on employment legislation, had constantly increased since the founding of the legal department in 1997. The founding of a “star partnership” WMS Rechtsanwälte GbR in 2008 enabled the company to meet this demand.

In July 2011 the management of WMS Treuhand GbR was increased by the arrival of a further partner, chartered accountant Matthias Upmeier.

In April 2013 WMS Treuhand bought a tax office in Melle.

In September 2016 the Company moved to their new building Martinsburg in Osnabrück.

Today WMS Treuhand with about 160 employees, of whom over 30 are members of professional organisations, one of the strongest partnerships in the IHK district Osnabrück-Emsland (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).